Start Date : 26/09/2022 End Date: N/A

-Maintain the ISMS for the SCS business

-Review Statements, policies, and procedures to ensure that they are current for the services and products that are being delivered by the business.

-Attend CAB to advise on the security aspects of change requests.

-Undertake local surveillance audits within the scope of the ISMS.

-Organise and Supervise IT Health Checks.

-Attend customer Security Working Groups.

-Provide security guidance to the engineering team.

-Undertake risk assessments of the services being delivered to customers.

-Identify and support the implementation of risk treatment controls.

-Identify and monitor for vulnerabilities in the products, software being used in services, support any risk treatment for vulnerabilities.

-Produce and maintain any customer security artefacts that are required for contracts.

-Work with the NOC & SOC in ensuring that our protective monitoring continues to meet and exceed requirements

-Create tickets regarding the vulnerabilities found to ensure our systems are protected.

-Create dashboards on Web Help Desk to track the progress of the tickets to ensure they are on time

-Ensure relevant training is provided for staff to ensure they are up to date with potential threats and issues

-Perform vulnerability assessments on systems to see what CVES it is vulnerable to and to ensure the machine is compliant.

-Perform lunch and learn sessions for the employees to ensure they are following the policies and procedures

-Perform SOC analyst duties by monitoring alerts in QRadar and remediating appropriately

-Create dashboards using PowerBi to correlate important information regarding Vulnerability assessments, Outstanding Tickets, and Raid Log Update

-Review RMADS to ensure they are security cleared and fit/adhere to the ISO27001 standard 

ICT Service Desk Analyst

Start Date : 24/09/2021 End Date: 26/08/2022

-Raising incidents and ensuring the users are looked after and that the incident is resolved within the allocated time

-Ensuring I manage my time well and pick up calls and chats to keep queuing times to a minimum

-Learning about new systems daily and how to resolve incidents related to them

-Keeping up to date with the systems we use and if there are any security threats

-To provide general assistance to the IT systems administrators including providing basic support and advice.

-Provide advice and first line support regarding the usability of desktop equipment, mobile equipment, and use of accompanying software.

–           I work very efficiently this is shown by the percentage of chats I take a day

–           I always resolve my issues and if I cannot resolve them, I will ensure I have learnt the fix for next time-I spread the knowledge I have learnt to others

–           I carry out maintenance on the Thales systems to ensure users can work effectively on the cyber defence systems

ICT Business and Technical Support Officer

Start Date : 01/01/2021 End Date: 22/09/2021

  • To assist in maintaining a series of inventories: desktop equipment, tablet devices, mobile phones, smartphones, USB devices and various software products. Carry out periodic reviews of the inventories with service teams.
  • Provide advice and first line support regarding the usability of desktop equipment, mobile equipment and use of accompanying software.
  •  To support the physical moving and re-assigning of pc desktop equipment across the organisation.
  •  To manage the pool of laptop equipment (and similar pools for tablet and smartphones), ensuring the physical security of the equipment and ensuring that accurate records are maintained with regular checks on the state of the equipment.
  •  Where requested, carry out the cleansing of data and reinstallation of operating software to enable the re-use of redundant pc equipment.            
  •  Carry out minor hardware installation work, such as adding additional memory.
  •  To carry out development and support of MS Access databases.
  • To assist with the publishing of information on the organisation’s internet and intranet, as requested and in accordance with agreed working arrangements.
  •  Provide proactive ICT advice aligned to the needs of the business and ensuring the organisation gains maximum benefit from its use of ICT systems and services.
  • Liaison with DMBC – IT on the delivery of the ICT operational service and on support calls.
  • Contribute to the delivery of actions included within the ICT Strategy Action Plan.
  • To provide general assistance to the IT systems administrators including providing basic support and advice.